About CRW Consulting.

CRW Consulting is in business to provide E-rate solutions to K-12 school districts nationwide. Typically, school districts do not have the time or resources to keep up with the constant E-rate program changes and requirements to meet their demands.CRW Consulting can work with you to help you understand E-rate program rules and regulations, and file all of your paperwork for you. Founded by Chris Webber in 2000, CRW has provided complete, turnkey E-rate solutions to hundreds of school districts across the nation.

Why Choose CRW Consulting?

  • We're dependable. For over 20 years CRW Consulting has provided E-rate Consulting Services to hundreds of school districts, which has produced hundreds of millions of dollars of funding for our clients. We're proud to say that we have a high client retention rate (over 90%), and references from any of our customers are available upon request.

  • We're knowledgeable. CRW Consulting has been constantly updating our own internal forms and procedures to match the evolution of the E-rate program, and audits of our clients. With our extensive history with the E-rate program and large client base, we continually update our databases and forms to ensure we have the documentation the auditors want to see if they audit your application over the ten years document retention period. If we see something "new" that the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) wants for one customer, we update our forms and procedures for all customers. Your entire application process will be managed with the knowledge we have gained over our 20+ years of experience with the E-rate program.

  • We offer complete solutions for each customer. CRW Consulting provides turn-key E-rate solutions for a fixed price (or on a contingency if that works better for the school). No “gotchas” or additional costs if you get a Selective Review (mini-audit) or hidden costs for forms that you may need to file in the future (such as SPIN changes, Service Substitutions or BEAR forms). Our flat-rate pricing includes listing an employee of CRW Consulting on all of your forms- including the 470 form to manage your bid process for you (should you choose that option). You will never be dealing directly with an SLD representative if they have questions about your applications, those questions will always come to us first and after reviewing your response for compliance; send your answer to the SLD. Forms included in this flat-rate pricing: Form 470, 471, 472, 486, 479, SPIN changes and Service Substitutions). Flat-rate pricing also includes a review of your CIPA documentation for E-rate compliance.

  • Our Bidding Management System saves you a lot of time and keeps you out of trouble. CRW Consulting has developed an on-line Bidding Management System that allows for an open and fair competitive bidding process. If we’re listed as the contact person on the 470, all questions and bids from vendors are submitted via the CRW web site, and are then sent on to you. This ensures that all vendors see questions and answers at the same time (a requirement of the competitive bidding process), and everyone is treated exactly the same. No more harassing phone calls from vendors. No more SPAM from vendors. Your contact information won't even appear on the 470 or any other publicly available documents.

  • Training and Continual Updates about the Program: During the filing season we provide live webinars to our clients on the major topics of the E-rate program. If you can’t make a live session, all of the webinars are recorded and stored in your client portal for viewing when you have time. All customers are signed up for our listserv which provides for updates about rule changes and current topics.

  • On-line virtual document binder. All of the forms that are produced throughout the application cycle (including bids and your bid evaluation sheets) will be available for you to review at any time behind a password-protected section of our web site.