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CRW Consulting provides complete, managed E-rate solutions for applicants both large and small. We have helped hundreds of school districts procure and manage hundreds of millions of dollars in E-rate funding.

We provide turn-key E-rate consulting. CRW will complete all of the forms to get your district funded and keep you in compliance with program rules. Because CRW Consulting does not have a SPIN (is not a vendor) for the E-rate program, nor do we accept service providers as clients, we can complete all of your E-rate paperwork without interfering with program rules. We sell nothing other than our consulting services. Find out what our customers say about us here.

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My experiences with CRW have been incredible. CRW has an extremely brilliant team that has taken care of me and the district in the most caring, compassionate, and when needed, stern ways. Their professionalism and knowledge of E-Rate is so far above their competition that there is no comparison.

Denver City ISD
Randy Butler
Director of Technology

I have worked with several different E-Rate consultant companies at different school districts and CRW has been the best one. They are always willing to help and have the expertise for even unusual E-Rate situations. They are fast to respond and communicate. They make the E-Rate process much simpler and smoother for us. You can tell they are on your side. I would definitely recommend CRW.

Hutto ISD
David Oestreicher
Director of Technology and Digital Learning

Chris and team at CRW Consulting are very professional and personable. They treat you like family. They do perform all tasks E-Rate related, from registering and bidding, to all paperwork and stepping you through the process. E-Rate continues to be challenging on different levels, regardless of your experience. Let CRW show you how to make the process less painful. Don't lose funding because of lack of knowledge. Let Chris and team be your "Go To" for all E-Rate needs.

Spring ISD
Fred Brenz
Director of Infrastructure

Blair School has used CRW for over 20 years. They are very knowledgeable and are a valuable service to our school. The people at CRW are courteous and always willing to get back with you to help with any questions we have. I would recommend CRW to any superintendent!

Blair Independent School District 54
Jimmy Smith

CRW's services are very valuable to our school district. As a first-year superintendent, I have relied on their knowledge base to help navigate the E-Rate process. I would highly recommend CRW to other districts.

Woodall Public School
Ginger Knight

I don't have time to worry about E-Rate laws, filing requirements, and processes-thanks to CRW, I don't have to!

Tishomingo School District 20
Bobby Waitman

CRW has always been a great asset for us. They make applying for E-Rate funding as painless as I think it could possibly be. I would not want to have to navigate the process without them. They are always prompt, getting me the answers I need. They also are very good at making sure I have completed what I need on time. I would recommend them to any district looking for an E-Rate consultant.

Haysville Unified School District 261
Bret Long
Assistant IT Director

CRW always makes sure we are taken care of. I wouldn't make it without them.

Dewar Independent School District 8
Josh Kilhoffer

CRW does a great job. I appreciate all they do for our district. They have an exceptional knowledge base and are always prompt in answering my questions. I would recommend CRW to all schools.

Hume School District R8
Scott Morrison

CRW is great to work with. The staff is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Very quick response time-email or phone calls. CRW makes working with E-Rate more manageable for me as a superintendent. I greatly appreciate the quality service they have provided our district for many years.

Caney Independent School District 26
Lori Delay

CRW have been very professional and knowledgeable during every interaction I have had with them. CRW is prompt when returning calls and answering emails. CRW was recommended to [me] by a colleague when our prior consultant refused to handle any more applications. CRW not only helped us, but have been very patient with me, as I am new to the whole process and had many questions and had to dig through old files from our previous director to get the process moving. A big THANK YOU to our CRW consultants for being there when we needed you the most!

Grandview R-2 School District
David Todahl
Technology Director

Thank you for helping us navigate E-Rate regulations to stay in compliance with current rules. With the help you provide, we are able to maximize E-Rate funding for our district.

Prairie Grove School District
Shawn Witt

For a first-time superintendent, CRW has been such a blessing in helping me navigate the difficult world of E-Rate. They are prompt and accurate in their services and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them to any new superintendent

Webber Falls School District
Chris Whelan

CRW makes E-Rate easy. They answer my questions quickly and are always helpful, even when I ask questions, I should know the answer to.

Troester Media Center-School District of St. Josep
Jacob Kelly
Director of Technology & Data Management

Well organized and keeps us up to date on latest changes to E-Rate & OUSF. Maintains documentation for auditing; giving us peace of mind knowing we are prepared to answer questions.

Osage Hills School District
Jeannie O'Daniel

Deciding to use CRW was one of the best decisions I've made as a Technology Coordinator. E-Rate can be a huge time suck and burden. CRW lifted that weight off my shoulders!

Wynne Public Schools
Beau Kemp
Technology Coordinator

CRW-Excellent company, outstanding consultants for all E-Rate process/procedures. Thank you for your professionalism and efforts to help keep me on track to meet deadlines and get much needed funding.

Navajo Public Schools
Vicki Nance

We would recommend CRW to anyone needing assistance with E-Rate. They have been so fantastic with making sure that we stay in compliance with the paperwork and bid processes that we would not want to go through the process without them.

Delhi Charter School
John Halten
Technology Facilitator

CRW Consulting continues, year after year, to provide our district with the best E-Rate consulting around. I highly recommend them to anyone needing these services.

Panola Charter Schools
Bryan Tarjick
Tech Director

CRW can handle ANY E-Rate question you may have, they will ensure that your forms are correct (the first time), you will be guided if asked for the most bang for your buck and they will help you every step of the way if audited. I've used them for 22 or so years. This has been my experience every year.

Springfield School District
Scott Harris
Technology Director

As superintendent, CRW does a great job providing the necessary information and resources to meet the district's E-Rate requirements. They do an outstanding job making sure that we meet deadlines to be able to get funding. Also, they maintain constant contact with the district to be sure that the districts meet deadlines that are required by E-Rate. Great Job!

Vian Public Schools
Victor Salcedo

CRW provides strong support in our E-Rate funding program. We believe we receive high value consultation that provides good funding with the peace of mind that our submissions are correct and viable for any review that might occur.

Stroud Indep Sch Dist 54
Joe Van Tuyl

CRW was professional and easy to work with. E-Rate can be confusing and difficult to muddle through. They made the process much easier.

Fredericksburg ISD
Michelle Williams
Technology Director

We have been using CRW since 2002. Always on top of things and filing dates and current regulations, professional and dependable. I highly recommend.

East Chambers ISD
Mitchell O. Long
Technology Director

CRW maintains impeccable communication to ensure guidelines are being followed and deadlines are met. They make the entire E-Rate process much easier.

Santa Fe ISD
Heather Brown
Director of Technology

CRW Consulting does a great job in handling NWISD's E-Rate. They are meticulous in their processes, and I have complete faith in their ability to perform the necessary steps to secure our funding.

New Waverly ISD
Brandon Clark
Director of Technology

Chris Webber and his team were incredibly helpful to Bonham ISD during our Y25 E-Rate process. The Technology Dept. had recently come under my direction, and we had new personnel in the department. We were brand new to E-Rate and everyone at CRW was patient and supportive. They were always willing to answer my questions (there were a lot) and ensure Bonham ISD was well informed.

Bonham ISD
Traci Daniel
Assistant Superintendent

CRW Consulting always has our District's best interests as a priority. I appreciate their professionalism & willingness to answer questions and provide educational information and webinars. So very thankful to all of their staff!

Ardmore City Schools
Kelly Shannon
Director of Finance

CRW provides a valuable service particularly for small school districts with limited personnel. Their expertise makes the application process and management near painless!

Richards School District
Melonie Bunn

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