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CRW Consulting provides complete, managed E-rate solutions for applicants both large and small. We have helped hundreds of school districts procure and manage hundreds of millions of dollars in E-rate funding.

We provide turn-key E-rate consulting. CRW will complete all of the forms to get your district funded and keep you in compliance with program rules. Because CRW Consulting does not have a SPIN (is not a vendor) for the E-rate program, nor do we accept service providers as clients, we can complete all of your E-rate paperwork without interfering with program rules. We sell nothing other than our consulting services. Find out what our customers say about us here.

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CRW has been very helpful and supportive to me as I attempt to understand all the E-rate expectations and guidelines. Every E-rate application question I have is addressed with patience, kindness and expertise. CRW’s staff follows up with me during all phases of applying for funding. They also keep me informed of all required deadlines via emails or phone calls. I feel like the folks at CRW really care about my success as well as the success of my district. They are true partners. I also appreciate the updates Chris send out to keep me informed of changes in E-rate. I highly recommend CRW Consulting to other school district technology directors every chance I get.

Carrie Martin
Director of Instructional Technology Bridge City ISD

I have worked with CRW as a superintendent in two different school districts in Arkansas. Their expertise, service and commitment to detail are outstanding. Before I came to my current school 5 years ago, they had never used CRW and they also had never received a penny of E-rate money. The first thing I did was convince my board to allow me to hire CRW to handle our E-rate application and since then we have not missed a deadline or lost a dollar of E-rate money. They are extremely knowledgeable about the guidelines and are always up to date on the changes from year to year. If we forget something or fail to get information to them they’re emailing me or calling me to make sure we remain in compliance. Their service and commitment to my school district is second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend CRW to any school district.

Ray Hester
Superintendent Lamar Public School District

CRW has been a valued partner of Lowrey Public Schools since almost the beginning of Erate. As a small district we have limited resources, staff, and time to dedicate to the Erate process. Due to the knowledgeable staff and expertise of CRW Lowrey school has become a trendsetter in technology based education. This would not be possible without the Erate funding we have applied and received though CRW. CRW is always prompt on giving our school updates, answers, and information needed to get all that we need to keep our technology updated and moving forward. Lowrey School was one of a handful of schools in the state of Oklahoma to start a one to one laptop initiative. Without the hardware and internet availability all those laptops would be useless. We have had no issues with testing or speed on internet at our school. In part due to CRW’s help in obtaining funding to keep our needs met in the ever increasing bandwidth battle. I would highly recommend CRW to any school who does not fully understand the Erate process. Changes in the system are ongoing and ever present. As the tech director, full time science teacher and administrative assistant I have little time to keep up with the changes and mandates. The staff at CRW is always quick to let me know what I need to do on my end to ensure continued funding. Most of the work for the Erate funding is handled diligently and professionally by the staff at CRW. I would not want to try to do my job without their assistance.

Jeff Lawrence
Technology Director Lowrey School

I cannot say enough about the outstanding service I have received from CRW since our district first began using them! Their knowledge and attention to detail has allowed our district to improve our Erate funding since we first started using their services and saved the district many man hours of working. The scope of their services was put to the test with our numerous appeals is USAC and FCC decisions. I highly recommend their services and am thankful they were on our side over the past five years.

Donald L. Metzler
Assistant Superintendent Callisburg ISD

The best testimonial I could give of any company dealing with E-rate is, “No problems”. I have been a CRW Consulting client since they began. I’ve been in different districts in different states. CRW is though, professional and make sure I stay on the E-rate straight and narrow. In the 15 plus years I’ve had CRW working for us, I don’t think I’ve lost a dollar of E-rate money. I would and have recommended CRW to many of my colleagues without hesitation.

James Sutton
Superintendent Riverside Community School District

CRW has been our Erate consulting company for 8+ years. My experience with all member of CRW has been amazing, great customer service; prompt returning phone calls, great email reminders for deadlines, overall excellent service, worth every penny.

Jodie Moore
Business Manager Lane School

Our experience with CRW has been nothing short of amazing. Since we chose CRW as our Erate consultants, they have made the entire Erate process more manageable and efficient. I would and have recommended their services to anyone who is looking for an effective Erate solution.

Scott Patrick
Superintendent Warrensburg School District

CRW Consulting has been a valuable service to the El Dorado School District. You never have to wait for an answer. They are efficient, responsive, and thorough with everything they do. I would not know what to do without their assistance. Chris is always on the cutting edge of every issue that comes up. I’m so thankful that we have partnered with CRW Consulting.

Rhonda Simmons
Assistant Superintendent El Dorado School District

I wish to recommend Chris Webber/CRW and staff for all your district E-rate research, forms completion, and timely processing all requirements. As a one administrator school district, pre-k thru eighth grade, White Rock School could not have E-rate funding annually. (Simple we) We simply do not have the staff, training and expertise to gain the funding for the 130 students at our school. E-rate will provide White Rock School for funding year 2014-2015 in the amount of $64,437.59 which is 90% annually USA. Three areas are funded telephone, internet access school wide and a new web site. CRW is recommended by Dr. Jeff M Maddox, White Rock School

Dr. Jeff M. Maddox
Superintendent White Rock School District

This was our first year working with CRW and it has been a refreshing one. All contacts with CRW were quick to respond to my questions and needs. Their expertise of knowledge and thoroughness of the E-rate application process definitely makes their services valuable to any school.

Julie Poteete
Superintendent Sterling School District

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