All bid deadlines are 11:59pm Pacific Time the date of the bid deadline listed unless otherwise noted.

school DeWitt Public School District
IFCB Posted : Jan 12, 2023
Bid Deadline : Thursday, Feb 16, 2023

Questions Due By : Monday, Jan 16, 2023
Applicant Address : DeWitt, AR 72042
IFCB ID : 230013189

IFCB Requirements :

·         All Questions and Bids must be submitted using the on-line IFCB system. If for some reason the system is down before the respective deadline, please email your bid to or fax it to 918.445.0049. Bids or questions submitted in this fashion will be disqualified if the on-line system is active at the time of submission.


·         Bidder must agree to participate in USF Program (AKA “E-rate”) for the corresponding funding year.


·         Please include the correct Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) on your bid.


·         By submitting a bid, bidder certifies that the bidder does have a valid (non-red light status) SPIN for the E-rate program at the time of submission. Should the Applicant discover that the bidder is on red light status, or if the FCC classifies the bidder as on red-light status before work is performed and invoices are paid, the contract will be null and void and the applicant will have no payment obligations to the bidder.


·         Bidder is expected to provide the lowest corresponding price per E-rate rules.  See for details.


·         Contracts must not prohibit SPIN changes.


·         Bidder must agree to provide the Applicant the choice of discount methods (SPI or BEAR).


·         Bidder will be automatically disqualified if the District determines that the bidding company has offered any employee of the District any individual gift of more than $20 or gifts totaling more than $50 within a 12 month period. This does not apply to the recent FCC exemptions of the Gift Rule for the COVID pandemic.


·         All contracts awarded will be contingent upon E-rate funding and final board approval.  The applicant may choose to do all or part of the project upon funding notification.


·         All contracts awarded under this IFCB bidding process may be voluntarily renewed by the applicant, upon written notice to the provider, for five consecutive one year terms. Please include this language in your final contract.


·         All applicable fees, surcharges, and taxes must be identified on the bid. E-rate rules require the applicants to evaluate the price of eligible goods and services that will be listed on the 471 application during the competitive bidding process. Fees and surcharges that apply but are not listed on the bid will be the responsibility of the bidding company, should their bid be awarded.


·         If the applicant is requesting purchases of new equipment, or maintenance of that new equipment, bids for functionally equivalent equipment will be accepted.


Services and Equipment Requested :

Category One:

Operations and Maintenance services – Four connections, for district owned fiber (24 strands) to the following addresses located in DeWitt, AR 72042:

         Hub Site – DeWitt HS, 1614 S Grandview

         DeWitt ES – 1718 S Grandview

         DeWitt Admin – 1841 S Grandview

         DeWitt Bus Shop – 901 W 16th

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