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CRW has been very helpful and supportive to me as I attempt to understand all the E-rate expectations and guidelines. Every E-rate application question I have is addressed with patience, kindness and expertise. CRW’s staff follows up with me during all phases of applying for funding. They also keep me informed of all required deadlines via emails or phone calls. I feel like the folks at CRW really care about my success as well as the success of my district. They are true partners. I also appreciate the updates Chris send out to keep me informed of changes in E-rate. I highly recommend CRW Consulting to other school district technology directors every chance I get.

Carrie Martin

Director Of Instructional Technology Bridge City ISD

I have worked with CRW as a superintendent in two different school districts in Arkansas. Their expertise, service and commitment to detail are outstanding. Before I came to my current school 5 years ago, they had never used CRW and they also had never received a penny of E-rate money. The first thing I did was convince my board to allow me to hire CRW to handle our E-rate application and since then we have not missed a deadline or lost a dollar of E-rate money. They are extremely knowledgeable about the guidelines and are always up to date on the changes from year to year. If we forget something or fail to get information to them they’re emailing me or calling me to make sure we remain in compliance. Their service and commitment to my school district is second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend CRW to any school district.

Ray Hester

Superintendent Lamar Public School District

CRW has been a valued partner of Lowrey Public Schools since almost the beginning of Erate. As a small district we have limited resources, staff, and time to dedicate to the Erate process. Due to the knowledgeable staff and expertise of CRW Lowrey school has become a trendsetter in technology based education. This would not be possible without the Erate funding we have applied and received though CRW. CRW is always prompt on giving our school updates, answers, and information needed to get all that we need to keep our technology updated and moving forward. Lowrey School was one of a handful of schools in the state of Oklahoma to start a one to one laptop initiative. Without the hardware and internet availability all those laptops would be useless. We have had no issues with testing or speed on internet at our school. In part due to CRW’s help in obtaining funding to keep our needs met in the ever increasing bandwidth battle. I would highly recommend CRW to any school who does not fully understand the Erate process. Changes in the system are ongoing and ever present. As the tech director, full time science teacher and administrative assistant I have little time to keep up with the changes and mandates. The staff at CRW is always quick to let me know what I need to do on my end to ensure continued funding. Most of the work for the Erate funding is handled diligently and professionally by the staff at CRW. I would not want to try to do my job without their assistance.

Jeff Lawrence

Technology Director Lowrey School

I cannot say enough about the outstanding service I have received from CRW since our district first began using them! Their knowledge and attention to detail has allowed our district to improve our Erate funding since we first started using their services and saved the district many man hours of working. The scope of their services was put to the test with our numerous appeals is USAC and FCC decisions. I highly recommend their services and am thankful they were on our side over the past five years.

Donald L. Metzler

Assistant Superintendent Callisburg ISD

The best testimonial I could give of any company dealing with E-rate is, “No problems”. I have been a CRW Consulting client since they began. I’ve been in different districts in different states. CRW is though, professional and make sure I stay on the E-rate straight and narrow. In the 15 plus years I’ve had CRW working for us, I don’t think I’ve lost a dollar of E-rate money. I would and have recommended CRW to many of my colleagues without hesitation.

James Sutton

Superintendent Riverside Community School District

CRW has been our Erate consulting company for 8+ years. My experience with all member of CRW has been amazing, great customer service; prompt returning phone calls, great email reminders for deadlines, overall excellent service, worth every penny.

Jodie Moore

Business Manager Lane School

Our experience with CRW has been nothing short of amazing. Since we chose CRW as our Erate consultants, they have made the entire Erate process more manageable and efficient. I would and have recommended their services to anyone who is looking for an effective Erate solution.

Scott Patrick

Superintendent Warrensburg School District

CRW Consulting has been a valuable service to the El Dorado School District. You never have to wait for an answer. They are efficient, responsive, and thorough with everything they do. I would not know what to do without their assistance. Chris is always on the cutting edge of every issue that comes up. I’m so thankful that we have partnered with CRW Consulting.

Rhonda Simmons

Assistant Superintendent El Dorado School District

I wish to recommend Chris Webber/CRW and staff for all your district E-rate research, forms completion, and timely processing all requirements. As a one administrator school district, pre-k thru eighth grade, White Rock School could not have E-rate funding annually. (Simple we) We simply do not have the staff, training and expertise to gain the funding for the 130 students at our school. E-rate will provide White Rock School for funding year 2014-2015 in the amount of $64,437.59 which is 90% annually USA. Three areas are funded telephone, internet access school wide and a new web site. CRW is recommended by Dr. Jeff M Maddox, White Rock School

Dr. Jeff M. Maddox

Superintendent White Rock School District

This was our first year working with CRW and it has been a refreshing one. All contacts with CRW were quick to respond to my questions and needs. Their expertise of knowledge and thoroughness of the E-rate application process definitely makes their services valuable to any school.

Julie Poteete

Superintendent Sterling School District

I have been very pleased with the service I have received from CRW! They have a vast amount of experience to offer that would be hard to find and economically challenging to defend if we chose to hire a single employee to oversee this program. Their service and our return for their research is a win-win!

Melonie Bunn, Ed.D.

Superintendent Richards R-V School District

We appreciate the work done by CRW Consulting. Their knowledge of how E-rate operates and how they work with our district in preparing our applications is the best. Their updated website and in house record keeping are good sources for information and as a backup to the districts paperwork.

Dwight Yokum

Director Of Business Operations Chickasha ISD

CRW offers a very valuable service. I am a 1st year superintendent and CRW was great to direct me with the Erate process and procedures. CRW was extremely helpful with answering questions in a very timely manner.

Krista Burden

Superintendent Oak Grove School District

CRW is doing an outstanding job and help us stay on top of all requirements. We appreciate their attention to every detail and are prompt in answering our questions and returning our calls. We appreciate everything they do – a great service!

Sheril Payne

Superintendent Grove School District

We have used CRW for many years and are completely satisfied with this valuable service that CRW offers to districts. The staff at CRW is very professional, very knowledgeable, are extremely helpful when I have questions and get the answers to my questions in a very prompt manner. Without hesitation, I recommend CRW to any district that qualifies for Erate.

Russell Hull

Superintendent Hominy Public Schools

We feel CRW offers valuable service to Preston. They have a good knowledge base. Every time I call or email they are prompt at answering questions and returning calls. Always pleasant to work with. We have had an ongoing dispute with AT&T on billing and CRW has been a lifesaver.

Pamela Snowden

Technology Director Preston School District

CRW, Chris and his staff has been an invaluable asset to our district. Professional, thorough, responsible. Very quick to find the answers and in responding to our questions. They are a great guide through the murky waters of the Erate process. Thank You CRW

Joe Hulsey

Superintendent Ozark Mountain School District

Chris and his staff have been extremely helpful in transitioning from another consultant. CRW has provided all the necessary forms and if needed has provided help in completing them. Our Erate experience is a seamless one.

Shawn Schultz

Superintendent Sturgeon School District

CRW is professional & prompt and yet personal. They have coached me through a novice stage, walked me around an unusual circumstance, and consistently gathered and submitted our forms. I feel very comfortable with the quality of their service.

Sandy Ankenman

Technology Director Miami School District

CRW is professional and informative and helps our district with Erate throughout the year. South Pemiscot R.V is grateful to have CRW as a professional partner to provide support throughout the E-rate process.

Chris Moore

Superintendent South Pemiscot R.V

Professional, prompt and beneficial for our school. The expertise & understanding of individual situations ensures each school district is dealt with appropriately.

Cynthia Hunter

Superintendent Springer School District

I am new to the Erate world but so far everything has been running smoothly with CRW Consulting. The knowledge base online is pretty helpful, and the virtual binder is awesome. No complaints!

Lisa Worthy

Director Of Technology Hilldale School District

• Excellent knowledgeable base • Prompt feedback and assistance • Highly recommend CRW to other districts • Very helpful through entire E-rate process

Vicki Nance

Superintendent Navajo ISD

We have great communication between CRW Consulting and us. All our information is completed in a timely manner. Overall great company.

Tony McKinstry

Technology Coordinator Monticello School District

Working with CRW Consulting is the right choice. I never have to worry about whether or not I have filed everything correctly. They stay on top of all that paperwork so I don’t worry!

Rick Ruckman

Superintendent Copan School District

Excellent one of our best investments. Very instrumental for Erate & OUSF funding. Has helped to ensure our school is on the leading edge the technology movement in education.

Jeff Lawrence

Technology Coordinator Lowrey School District

As a first year superintendent CRW has been very helpful in securing required documentation and submitting for our Erate requirements.

Kevin Stacy

Superintendent Oklahoma Union

CRW helps put the stress of Erate filling at ease. Their staff always responds quickly with knowledgeable answers to any Erate question.

Andy Price

Director Of Technology Ottawa USD

CRW can be counted on to know Erate. They help keep us on time and in compliance. They are extremely knowledgeable and can answer all of your Erate concerns.

Bret Simpson

Director Of Technology Bonham ISD

CRW has provided us with excellent service for many years. Chris and his team are very knowledgeable, and I never have to worry about keeping up with all the changes by myself.

Sherry Hall

Special Programs Coordinator Liberty Hill ISD

CRW has been very helpful to our district & providing Erate services. They answer questions and keep us informed on changes or updated on new information.

Alan Jamison

Superintendent Caldwell USD 360

CRW is very helpful and prompt when I have questions concerning services. They are great when helping beginners understand Erate services and requirements. I highly recommend them!

Donna Campo

Superintendent Liberty School District

The staff at CRW has been very professional and knowledgeable in dealing with our district. The expertise of the staff is vital to our district meeting requirements for Erate.

Rayford Copelin

Deputy Superintendent Center ISD

CRW is very knowledgeable and professional. They are friendly and courteous. We have enjoyed a good relationship and have the utmost confidence in their abilities to take care of our E-rate service

Mike Campbell

Superintendent Berryhill School District

The folks at CRW do a great job of handling our E-rate program. They take care of business and are always prompt and courteous. I would definitely recommend them for their E-rate services.

Rodney Leer

Director Of Technology Magnolia ISD

CRW is great with keeping me on track. They are very prompt at returning calls and are always able to answer any questions I may have. I would definitely recommend CRW to other districts.

Gina Hammock

Soper Public Schools

Thank you for all your help. CRW has always been a valuable service to our school and I have recommended their services to other districts.

Greg Raper

Superintendent Thackerville School District

We are a small school with no real knowledge of the Erate system. Thanks goodness for the people at CRW!

Carolyn Parker

Business Manager KIPP Reach College Prep

Excellent company - very responsive to needs of the school - makes the E-rate process as simple as possible for our district.

Gary Nightingale

Superintendent Granite ISD

We are pleased with CRW. They have helped our district save valuable resources.

Dan Chapman

Superintendent Lindsay School District

We are pleased with promptness and efficiency of service. CRW does a very good job.

Andy Evans

Superintendent Prague School District

CRW staff is the best. Thank you for all the help and quick answers to our questions.

Eric Webb

Assistant Superintendent Blackwell ISD

CRW has provided us with 1st class E-rate services

Jason Sanders

Superintendent Foreman School District

Very thorough and will make sure that your account is taken care of.

Slade Johnson

Technology Director Wells ISD

I have never been worried about our application since CRW has been doing our Erate.

James Sutherland

Superintendent Lone Wolf ISD

The quality of service provided by CRW is outstanding!

Tom Weeaks

Superintendent Glasscock ISD

I could not do Erate without CRW’s help

Jimmy Ericson

Business Manager Whiteface Cons ISD

CRW is a very valuable asset to our school district.

Bennie Newton

Superintendent Central High SD

CRW has been great! I certainly don’t want to do Erate without them!

Denton Holland

IT Director Verdigris ISD

Wonderful Job! Everyone is so nice and helpful.

Misty Simpson

Technology Coordinator Booneville

Wonderful- they cover all areas thoroughly

Sue Basgall

Board Clerk USD 395 La Crosse

Great Job! Thank you so much for everything you do.

Misty Simpson

Technology Coordinator Booneville

Really great service, thanks guys!

Rick Beene

Superintendent Achille School District

We would recommend CRW to other districts

Sheila Ripple

Business Manager Burton ISD

It’s all good! You guys are great!

Robert Clark

Director Of Technology Claremore ISD

We have worked with CRW for several years. I have found them to be prompt to answer questions. They provide information that is accurate. Based on our past experience with them, I would recommend them without reservation.

Paul Smith

Superintendent Dewey ISD Dewey, OK

CRW offers an extremely valuable service at a low cost for what would be a very time consuming process for the school district. I would definitely recommend to any school district that you should use this company to file for your E-rate.

Mary Lynn Tinkle

Asst. Superintendent Timpson ISD Timpson, TX

I have worked with CRW as a superintendent in two different school districts in two different states. They have been a great company to work with. I have not missed a deadline or lost a dollar of E-rate money since I put them in charge of our E-rate program. They are extremely knowledgeable about the guidelines and changes from year to year. They make it simple for us to understand the program and the options we may have. If I overlook something, they're emailing me or even giving me a call to make sure we remain in compliance. In short, they offer great service, not excuses, and although we are just a small rural district, they treat us like we're their biggest client. I would and have recommended CRW to others with the greatest of confidence.

James A. Sutton, Ed.D.

Superintendent Riverside Community ISD Carson, IA

CRW has been a true asset to Rice CISD in our dealings with E-rate. Chris and his people are knowledgeable, considerate, readily accessible, and most importantly understanding of our limitations in dealing with this issue. Rice was selected for an on-site audit and Chris walked us through the process and was constantly in contact with the auditors, prior to, during, and as follow up to the audit. CRW is the "best"!


Superintendent Rice CISD Altair, TX

We are going on our seventh year with CRW and are very pleased with the services they have provided. CRW is great at staying on top of everything and keeps us informed. They are easy to contact and speak with and very prompt to return calls. It has been a great working relationship and I look forward to continuing it.

Dr. Chris Blackburn

Superintendent Lathrop RIII School District Lathrop, MO

CRW provides a valuable service to my school that is cost effective and time saving. They keep up on all the current requirements and guidelines for E-rate, which provides me with the ability to focus on other issues within my school. Chris and his team are always aware of deadlines and prompt with returning calls and emails when I have any kind of question. I have the utmost confidence in the ability of the team at CRW and plan on using them in the years to come. I would recommend CRW to any school district without any reservation

Colt Shaw

Superintendent South Coffeyville School District South Coffeyville, OK

Chris Webber at CRW Consulting has been so much help to our school district. Since it is my first year with an E-rate application, he has literally walked me through each step with patience and guidance. The past two years funding were basically nonexistent This year, however, we have been approved for a substantial amount. I would not hesitate to recommend CRW Consulting to other school districts.

Ann McCalla

Director Chickasha Public Schools, Chickasha, OK

I have been completely satisfied with CRW and its service. The staff's knowledge is vast and I have no doubt that they are on top of all of the changes dealing with E-rate. Their response to my questions are almost always immediate; no waiting for them to call back days later or not at all as may of our consultants do. I would, and already have, recommended CRW to other school districts. Out of the first six years I deal with E-rate before I contacted CRW, I lost funds for three different years because of missed deadlines, incorrect wording, etc. With CRW I have collected more than 2 times what I thought I was eligible for.

R.V. Higginbotham

Emergency Manager Tomball ISD, Tomball, TX

Having utilized Chris and CRW Consulting for the past seven (7) years in two different school systems I can honestly say that I have had complete satisfaction with their services. They have always been prompt in returning phone calls and e-mails, have a great knowledge base and have provided a valuable service to my school systems. Chris and his group have always been easy to work with in all situations and I would highly recommend CRW Consulting for E-rate services.

Brent Walden

Superintendent Stratford School District 2 Stratford, OK

I have worked with CRW as a superintendent in two different school districts in two different states. They have been a great company to work with. I have not missed a deadline or lost a dollar of E-rate money since I put them in charge of our E-rate program. They are extremely knowledgeable about the guidelines and changes from year to year. They make it simple for us to understand the program and the options we may have. If I overlook something, they're emailing me or even giving me a call to make sure we remain in compliance. In short, they offer great service, not excuses, and although we are just a small rural district, they treat us like we're their biggest client. I would and have recommended CRW to others with the greatest of confidence.

James A. Sutton, Ed.D.

Superintendent Riverside Community ISD Carson, IA

CRW is great to work with. They are very helpful & quick to respond. They help simplify the very time consuming E-rate process so I can focus on the daily needs of our district. I would recommend this company to any organization not only for their service but you can't beat their fees. Thanks for all your help.

Debbie Sobolewski

Dir. Of Tech Greenwood Public Schools Greenwood, AR

It was a relief to have someone else who does the paperwork. The savings from E-rate paid the cost of their service.

James M. Palmer

Superintendent Burton ISD Burton, TX

Chris and Karla do a wonderful job of keeping up with the paperwork and filling all the forms. They have saved me countless headaches and worry. They are a great value for all my E-rate needs. I would recommend CRW to other districts in need of off-loading a lot of work.

James Davis

Tech Cord Sanger ISD Sanger, TX

CRW has proven to be a valuable service to our school. They have taken care of the information needed for our E-rate funding in on efficient, pleasant manner. We would highly recommend CRW to anyone needing their E-rate funding taken care of.

Jerry Premer

Superintendent Richards School District R-V West Plains, MO

CRW has been a blessing for our small district. The time they have saved us is worth the cost. Also they are able and keep up with all the changes and regulations.

Sue Basgall District Board Clerk

La Crosse Unified USD 395 La Crosse, KS

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend CRW Consulting. This is my 26th year as superintendent in Olustee, Oklahoma. CRW Consulting has taken care of our E-rate since day one. CRW has demonstrated a commitment to our school's E-rate and has demonstrated the knowledge that it takes to take care of our school's paperwork. I recommend without reservation CRW. Should you think it necessary or desirable, I would be happy to discuss CRW with you personally.

Roger Allen

Superintendent Olustee ISD 35 Olustee, OK

We are very happy with the services provided by CRW. They are very knowledgeable about the E-rate program and are always quick to return phone calls. They are very good at answering my questions (even if I've asked them before!!) in a way that I can understand what I need to do. They have been very helpful in guiding me through all the steps of the E-rate ladder.

Lori Veteto Tech Director

Keystone School District 15 Sand Springs, OK

CRW has provided a valuable service to our district. They are knowledgeable, friendly, prompt in their service and patient when answering questions. We have had no problems with any aspect of their service and see them as valuable resources to our district.

Edgar Jackson

Web Admin Aubrey ISD Aubrey, TX

CRW is great to work with and the service they provide is outstanding and always on time. The main thing is they will not let you mess things up for your school. I would highly recommend CRW for your school district.

Danne Spurlock

Superintendent Green Country Voc-Tech Okmulgee, OK

CRW is very easy to work with and can always answer questions on a level for anyone to understand. We have enjoyed working with them and look forward to working with them in the future. It has all been great with no complaints.

Rhonda Simmons

Asst. Superintendent El Dorado School District No. 15 El Dorado, AR

CRW has provided our district with good service the past 4 years. They are very knowledgeable and helpful in processing our E-rate application. I would recommend their service to other school districts.

Rick Thomas

Superintendent Oologah - Talala Schools Oologah, OK

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with CRW Consulting. As the administrator of a school that was in a "mess" I appreciate all the time and effort Chris & Karla have put into getting us back on track! They managed to take what seemed like an impossibility and make it a reality. Thanks for everything!

Robin Hatton

Superintendent Mannsville School District 7 Mannsville, OK

I have been very satisfied with services CRW provides for our school. CRW is very "USER" friendly, always answering any questions and providing requested information in a timely manner. With the expertise CRW offers I would highly recommend CRW to any school district.

Leon McVeigh

Superintendent Bearden School District 29 Okemah, OK

CRW offers a very valuable service to our district. They are of tremendous benefit to us as they are always on top of everything. I will always use CRW for my E-rate Consultant. They are very dependable and without any reservation would recommend them to anyone!

Bennie Newton, II

Superintendent Central High School Dist 34 Marlow, OK

We have been with CRW since its beginning and we are well pleased. CRW Consulting eliminates many problems which arise with E-rate and they are very helpful in all related areas. I highly recommend their service!

D E. Hume

Superintendent Webbers Falls School District Webbers Falls, OK

I would definitely recommend CRW to other school districts. Since I have been responsible for handling most of the E-rate procedure for our district, CRW has made my job so easy. They actually do most of the work for you. They send their own customized forms to you for the information and then file everything for you. It's been great working with them.

Diane Esely Ad Sec.

St. Joseph School District Saint Joseph, MO

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