IFCB Posted

26 October 2012

Calera School District 48

District Address

PO Box 386

Calera, OK 74730

IFCB ID: 511330001053530

Bid Deadline:

23 November 2012

Questions Due By:

16 November 2012

IFCB Requirements

·        All Questions and Bids must be submitted using the on-line RFP system. If for some reason the system is down before the respective deadline, please email your bid to info@crwconsulting.com or fax it to 918.445.0049. Bids or questions submitted in this fashion will be disqualified if the on-line system is active at the time of submission.

·        Bidder must agree to participate in USF Program (AKA “E-rate”) for the corresponding funding year.

·        Please include the correct Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) on your bid.

·        By submitting a bid, bidder certifies that the bidder does have a valid (non-red light status) SPIN for the E-rate program at the time of submission. Should the Applicant discover that the bidder is on red light status, or if the FCC classifies the bidder as on red-light status before work is performed and invoices are paid, the contract will be null and void and the applicant will have no payment obligations to the bidder.

·        Bidder is expected to provide the lowest corresponding price per E-rate rules.  See http://www.usac.org/sl/service-providers/step02/lowest-corresponding-price.aspx for details.

·        Contracts should be contingent upon E-rate funding unless stated otherwise.

·        Bidder must agree to provide the Applicant the choice of discount methods (SPI or BEAR).

·        Bidder will be automatically disqualified if the District determines that the bidding company has offered any employee of the District any individual gift of more than $20 or gifts totaling more than $50 within a 12 month period.

·        Depending on E-rate funding, the district may choose to proceed with all or part of the projects, at the district’s discretion.

·        All contracts awarded under this RFP bidding process may be voluntarily renewed by the applicant, upon written notice to the provider, for five consecutive one year terms.

·        Maintenance bids listing only an hourly rate will be disqualified. Vendors quoting an hourly rate are required to also a) confirm that you have the ability/expertise to maintain all of the equipment listed and b) propose a number of hours at a particular rate monthly to properly maintain the entire list of equipment. Bids that only contain hourly rates, without confirmation that the company can service the list of equipment, or without a monthly total, will be disqualified.


Services and Equipment Requested

Local and long distance phone service - Approx 17 lines
District is considering switching over to VOIP phone service for existing lines.
Cellular phone service including data plans - Approx 8 lines
Wireless internet access/data plans for tablet devices - Approx 6
Web Hosting for district
Email service - Approx 80 staff account. No student accounts.
Internet Access - Minimum 10 Mb bandwidth. District is considering increasing up to 100 Mb. Please provide scalable pricing/quotes. Terminating address for circuit is 209 N Third St, Calera, 74730 (580)434.

Internal Connections:

2 Servers including licenses - Minimum specs: Intel Xeon X5660, 2.8 Ghz, 12M Cache, Turbo, HT, 1333MHz Max Mem, 32GB Memory (8x4GB), 1333MHz Dual Rank LV RDIMMs for 2 Processors, optimized, 148GB 15K RPM Serial-Attach SCSI 3Gbps 3.5in Cabled Hard Drive or functional equivalent

Approx. 2 Core Switches - ProCurve 96 port 5412zl96G Intelligent Edge, Fast EN, Gigabit EN - 10/100/1000 or functional equivalent

Approx. 9 HP ProCurve 3500yo-24G-PWR Intelligent Edge rack mountable PoE switches or functional equivalent

Approx. 18 HP ProCurve Gigabit-SX-LC Mini-GBIC transceiver modules or functional equivalent

Approx. 11 APC Smart UPS SMT 1500 1500VA 120V LCD or functional equivalent

1 Aruba 3200XM Controller - 4x 10/100/1000 Base-T (RJ-45) or 1000 BASE-X dual personality ports or functional equivalent including licenses for access points and firewall

Approx. 20 Aruba 105 Wireless Access Point (Dual Radio) with Aruba AP-105 Ceiling Rail Adapter Kits or functional equivalent

Approx. 47 Cat 5e drops for wireless project

Approx. 20 Cisco WAP4410N Wireless Access Points w/POE injectors or functional equivalent


Bids need to include installation, configuration and patch panel costs.

Maintenance Items:

DNS/DHCP Server maintenance 2 x Dell PowerEdge 2900

Firewall maintenance 1 x Juniper SSG 140 Firewall/router

Switch maintenance 4 x HP ProCurve 4108GL

Switch maintenance 4 x HP ProCurve 2524

Switch maintenance 6 x D-Link DSS24

Switch maintenance 2 x Linksys SR44

Cat 5e drops - Approx. 250

GBIC - approx. 10

11 x Minuteman Enterprise E1500 Battery Backups

Samsung Office Serv 7200 - Telephone Equipment


Bid deadline has been reached.

Questions Received with District Answers:

Question deadline has been reached.


1. How many voice minutes will you need per number 2. Do you want your voice minutes to be pool between users 3. How many of those numbers will require data services 4. Of those numbers with data what size / amount of data would be needed 5. How many handsets will you be needing 6. Of those handsets how many need to be smartphones 7. Are you currently under a wireless contract and if so when does it expire Once we receive this information back we will respond with a quote / proposal for your funding. We appreciate your prompt response to this request.


1. We have two plans each with 4 numbers, each plan has 1400 anytime minutes. 2. The 1400 minutes is shared among the 4 numbers on each plan 3. 4 lines have text a text message plan, 1 has Data plan for phone, 1 is the data plan for ipad, no have none. 4. The two data plans are 3GB


Hello. Is there a walk through scheduled?


Calera is not allowing site visits during the open competitive bidding process.


The RFP lists 20 WAPs each for Aruba & Cisco. A related requirement lists 47 cable drops. Please clarify whether you are requesting two scenarios, 1) Controller-based Aruba solution with 20 APs and 2) Cisco solution (no controller) with 20 APs, OR you expect to have 40 total APs between two brands.


40 APs between two brands.