IFCB Posted

15 January 2019

Greenwood School District

District Address

420 North Main

Greenwood, AR 72936

IFCB ID: 190015975

Bid Deadline:

01 March 2019

Questions Due By:

24 January 2019

IFCB Requirements

·        All Questions and Bids must be submitted using the on-line IFCB system. If for some reason the system is down before the respective deadline, please email your bid to info@crwconsulting.com or fax it to 918.445.0049. Bids or questions submitted in this fashion will be disqualified if the on-line system is active at the time of submission.
·        Bidder must agree to participate in USF Program (AKA “E-rate”) for the corresponding funding year.
·        Please include the correct Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) on your bid.
·        By submitting a bid, bidder certifies that the bidder does have a valid (non-red light status) SPIN for the E-rate program at the time of submission. Should the Applicant discover that the bidder is on red light status, or if the FCC classifies the bidder as on red-light status before work is performed and invoices are paid, the contract will be null and void and the applicant will have no payment obligations to the bidder.
·        Bidder is expected to provide the lowest corresponding price per E-rate rules. See http://www.usac.org/sl/service-providers/step02/lowest-corresponding-price.aspx for details.
·        Contracts must not prohibit SPIN changes.
·        Bidder must agree to provide the Applicant the choice of discount methods (SPI or BEAR).
·        Bidder will be automatically disqualified if the District determines that the bidding company has offered any employee of the District any individual gift of more than $20 or gifts totaling more than $50 within a 12 month period.
·        All contracts awarded will be contingent upon E-rate funding and final board approval. The applicant may choose to do all or part of the project upon funding notification.
·        All contracts awarded under this IFCB bidding process may be voluntarily renewed by the applicant, upon written notice to the provider, for five consecutive one year terms. Please include this language in your final contract.
·        All applicable fees, surcharges, and taxes must be identified on the bid. E-rate rules require the applicants to evaluate the price of eligible goods and services that will be listed on the 471 application during the competitive bidding process. Fees and surcharges that apply but are not listed on the bid will be the responsibility of the bidding company, should their bid be awarded. 

Services and Equipment Requested


 WAN Connections – Leased Lit Fiber please provide bids for 1 GB and 5 GB bandwidth. Leased Dark Fiber please provide bids for 2 strands per building.

Hub Location – HS, 440 E Gary St, Greenwood, AR 72936 to these locations:

 East Pointe ES, 700 Mt. Harmony Road, Greenwood, AR 72936

East Hills MS, 1211 RE Wells Dr, Greenwood, AR 72936

Westwood ES, 300 Westwood Ave, Greenwood, AR 72936

Bid deadline has been reached.

Questions Received with District Answers:

Question deadline has been reached.


why was the first rfp not awarded?


 The school is wanting to price dark leased fiber.


May you please advise if this RFP is for for point to point circuits between the hub and the remote sites or is the topology any to any with a larger bandwidth at the hub site? Also, please confirm if the addresses provided are all of the locations that require service because the 471 lists two additional locations not listed in the RFP.



Fiber needs to be point to point,  We have a hub and spoke topology, and our Hub is our District Core Switch located at our High School Campus.  We want all three spoke locations listed be a direct connect via dark or lit fiber to our district hub (Core Switch).  For example, if dark fiber is proposed: One transmit/One receive or one pair Single Mode Fiber directly connected at each site to the district core, we do not want redundancy.  This would be fiber panel to fiber panel at each location to our district core cabinet (server rack) located at our High School Campus address being 501 Bulldog Loop Greenwood, AR 72936.  We will have a Cisco Switch at each location to Cisco Switch at the District Core.  Fiber needs to be able to carry 1Gig connection or 10Gig connection depending on the optics that we will be purchasing.   

If lit fiber is proposed the following specifications apply: Fiber needs to be able to carry 1Gig from all three spoke locations to the District Hub location.

Spoke Locations:

East Hills Middle School-  1211 Raymond E Wells Dr Greenwood, AR 72936

East Pointe Elementary-  700 Mt. Harmony Rd Greenwood, AR 72936

West Wood Elementary-  300 Westwood Ave, Greenwood AR, 72936


Hub Locatiion:

High School-  501 Bulldog Loop Greenwood AR, 72936


Does this bid replace the first IFCB? If so why are there fewer locations?


 Due to recent network configuration changes we now need fewer locations. If you are able to, please place a bid on this IFCB for the shorter list.